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- R-EscapE-R "à la Recherche de Langages Spirituels afin d’Explorer de Lointaines Contrées Universelles"
- FRAVAL the Wellwisher "Too Weird to Live - Too Rare to Die"
- Hereticus Perfectus « Elbisivni Lerutanoicos Ercassam »
- Hereticus Perfectus « Erip Ud Tuog Tnahpmoirt »
- OPTIMAL (aka the OPTIMEN) "Vif ! Eperdument Vif !" (1st Version)
- The International Dubbers "Stepping Out The Past"
- S C S I : "Bienvenue en Ariège"




*** R-Escape-R on the other hand the project is the most intimate of AS VALSECCHI which currently amounts to the first chapter and remains the most important work of his life. As he says: "This project is a living, I used as a barometer of maturity of conscience as a mere human being and a tool for exploration of my territories internesen as an artist. As soon as I I would feel the vital need compose the second chapter with the hope of being alive by then. But something tells me that I still have a lot of time to perform other ... "

R-Escape-R is the alter ego of frenchman Alain Valsecchi, he released just one album, the excellent techno/hypno trance Chapter One, why it never came to more i can't say as the search engines remain silent when it comes to R-Escape-R or Alain Valsecchi i gathered he did some art projects but obviously forgot to pick up dj-ing as this is the promotion tool for dance musicians..Oh well the French will have it their way. Into the Abyss appeared on a number of compilation albums, give it a try i would say..

(Cleopatra Records - Los Angeles)

Album R-EscapE-R, à la Recherche de Langages Spirituels afin d’Explorer de Lointaines Contrées Universelles
– Second Chapitre : « = 8 - 8 x 8 - 8 = ».

This second installment of R-EscapE-R is by far the most audacious project I have been able to carry until today at the beginning of 2015. A project that will undoubtedly lead to discussion and even controversy he obtained a certain public aura. Because this project aims to address the extravagant subject of:


But what is absolute silence? Is it already possible to obtain it, to realize it, or even to produce it, this absolute silence ??? 
And well YES apparently it is possible! Current technology would be able to realize it through digital and digital power. These means would be the concrete result. 
Only here, is it possible to appreciate it as such and therefore, once produced, broadcast it? I said DIFFUSER!

Diffuser of silence ... IMPOSSIBLE?

NO but rather unimaginable!

Therein lies the paradox, or even a "  héroaurme  " contradiction. How can we disseminate it since our earthly environment is above all a vector, a producer and a sound amplifier, starting already with the least breath of the most imperceptible air that is ... If we decided to go to the quietest place in the world and of our planet, even at this place we could not succeed in appreciating it. Besides, I use the term "appreciate" instead of "listen" or better yet "hear". But can one listen to or hear absolute silence? No, I do not believe it finally, such is my intimate and convinced persuasion ...


And well outside our planetary environment, in the infinite and the void of interstellar space! but even as we, as a human being, only with our breathing, unless we retain it without making the slightest noise, we would not be able to appreciate it. Unless we are dead ... But death can not be conscious and therefore able to reach us.


But let's come to this album, because it is indeed an album, divided into 5 titles of which the third one itself in two others in its internal. 
The first in opening, which I called "≤ ∞", plunges us straight into the totally NOTHING ABSOLUTE during these first 8 minutes. These two symbols, such as, expressing for the first one beginning (if a start there have been since the world ^ may be in its entirety, including multiverse (yet certainly misunderstood ...). 
Then the second one m ^ continuity of 8 minutes, entitled "  L'Avant Vie", it would be the metaphor of the condition in which every living being was mineral, vegetable or animal before it could be conceived. As I like to affirm often, before our own conception, but where were we? Well, they were not quite. . . I would add that, as far as I am concerned, in my most intimate conviction, MORT means NOTHING and so ...




It is for this fundamental reason that LIFE, with the brief existence that every living being disposes of, in proportion to eternity, our planet understood (or even misunderstood) and in relation to the infinite one of space time metronomic governor of the whole universe or even multiverse without ABSOLUTE but also without any ABSOLUTE BEGINNING, must be savored to its true and immeasurable value which would be due to him, being the most SACRED THING for ^ be lived in the most harmonious and peaceful world that is, and not in that imposed since

of millennia by the exaggerated naBilism and the excessive egoism of the majority of human societies which, on the contrary, should have evolved to become the guarantors of the common good and of the general interest of all living beings, intelligently limit their various demographic proliferations, seeking to exploit all natural resources to the detriment of all other living species on the planet. For without them ...


Before developing on the central part of this second chapter R-EscapE-R, I would like to talk about the titles # 04 and # 05 confirming 2 times two other 8 minutes by their total absolute silence, illustrating the continuation, unlike the beginning . But who knows for another start of now, forever and forever over the next several billion years as well would go the UNIVERSE or even the set of all the multiple MULTIVERS parallel to each other! 

Now let's come to this central part of 4 x 8 minutes, that is to say 32 minutes of growth and of decay sound ... 
Imagine an extraterrestrial entity approaching progressively of our planet, with a sensibility hearing, but also cerebral and therefore certainly intellectual maybe a thousand times greater than ours given its ability to travel over galactic distances ... What would it perceive regarding all terrestrial emissions? 
Well, it seems legitimate to me to imagine that this traveler and alien explorer could feel with horror the SUPREME CRI of the EARTH given the gravity of its state in which the human species has contributed to this in an accelerated way since close to 200 years ...
For this I titled these 32 minutes "HTT" (Whisper Total Terrestrial) for illustrated to the most representative possible that probable

The first 16 minutes are those of the approach until its apogee become intolerable for the hearing of this ultra sensitive being which then begins its removal for another 16 minutes before reaching the absolute silence and consequently peaceful to finally digest the terror of his terrifying discovery. 

"Treatise on Atheology" , 
"Advocacy for Animals" by Mathieu RICARD,
Let us not do to the Others 
what one would not love that They should do to us! 
Let Music Be Always with Us !! 
VIVE les Caches and the FREEDOM 
of laughter of ALL and of ALL !!! 
BUT ... 
Death to the CONS (as CAVANNA knew so well )  and to the "  CAPITALOSCHIZOCACOPHONIA  " GLOBAL !!! FREEDOM - EQUALITY - FRATERNITY FOR ALL  LIVING BEINGS OF THE UNIVERSE AND ALL MULTIPLE.  "So that everyone is beautiful, he is nice ..." BEING TO BE WITH ALL FOR ALL AND TO EVERYONE  Cry to Laughter and Salute Society!

(Vegetarian Epicurean, Atheist Practitioner and "Old" Cosmic Punk)

R-EscaPE-R (Capitolo III)
Third opus of the main and intimate project of Alain VALSECCHI following a second totally metaphysical and experimental since total musical absence. This one is the opposite and is completely in line with the first. If it is only rhythmically it is minimalist wanting to accentuate a more hypnotic dimension. The title of this third chapter "Under FRANCE En Marge" expresses well in these terms the climate of this concept / album of a strong personal expectation abused by a societal schisophrenia in exponential growth (#1 Innocence Impossible #3 S.O.S. Animal #4 "Oxydental Facto" (Rude Substerfuge) #5 Trangression Motrice #7 Chant Contraire) Going and Coming Between Meditation and Wisdom (#2 Parfum nature #6 Passage Secret Mental #8 Elevation (A Double Ascendance), ending with a ninth illustrative in repetitive form cosmic his intimate and deep spiritual conviction ...
For the rest it would be planned the realization of a ballet accompanied by a video support (given its magnitude to lead to a show of one hour twenty, business development and follow ...).

** Fraval the WellWisher. Concept created by Alain Serge VALSECCHI collaborations with point O. Lormeau, B. and E. DHAENE TROCHU. This project is an expression of wanting a kind of state of the world covered by a "knight benefactor" of music on behalf of Fraval. This world with humanity in the first main character and the consequences that implies about our own and living environment that is planet Earth. Resulting for example in his first album (Too Weird To Live - Too Rare To Die) in "Asianemia" noting that absurd willingness of Asian people (Chinese in particular) to follow the economic model most expensive in the world What the United States. "MannHierNicht!" stating that mankind will not change and evolve if the majority of them remain in ignorance, uneducated and in the most extreme poverty. Or by "1 +1 = 3" expressing the frightening issue of proliferation of its human population growth at the expense of other species on the planet ... In the second installment (Create To resist - Resist To Create) examples. With "Into the Demons of the World Financial Business" seeks to expose the dominant system that kills 10 times more than it creates! In the wake of "Death tax havens!" showing egoism by corruption (or even corruption by selfishness ...) of a small minority of humans to the extremely harmful consequences for the other large majority ... To "Indignation - Rageante Consolation" logical consequence of the two previous titles in more than legitimate reaction on the part of all those who resist change and want to harm the system and who are aware have genuine long-term solutions to and hope this really a better and fairer for all. At the same time, the project offers a WellWisher Fraval the production quality is seeking close to that of 70 years while using the latest technology, to make a contradiction to the majority of music production in the last decade a little too clean or "neat" as more inclined to a certain submission to the music market than by a genuine desire for originality and personality. Finally with this concept, AS VALSECCHI the opportunity to declare his strong affection for the city of Bologna ("Bologna Spirito Sano" and Bologna Epicuriana Per Sempre"), which for him is part of one of these islands throughout the world are some to exist and where one finds the essential and universal human values ??consist of a mentality based on the joy of living with a great sense of humor and playing as a real resistance to bullshit!


FRAVAL the WellWisher: "Oui Aux Vacances Forcées - Non Aux Travaux Forcés"
Just like R-EscapE-R, third part of the FRAVAL project the WellWisher sort of observer detective, timeless and critical of our self-centered human species. The slogan of the title this last, faithful to the form of the first two concepts, was revealed by the great time that we live, while being in the continuity of the previous ones, based fundamentally on the EXCITANT WORLD OF WORK! Alain VALSECCHI having practiced them by vocation and that naturally since childhood, has always preferred the "Forced Holidays to Forced Work" as he often likes to proclaim it on a daily basis.
Finally a philosophy like any other this-says following the perpetual question that we ask each generation: "what do you want or will you do when you grow up?" So he wondered as he went through his time mostly to know what he would not want to do once there. The list is so long ... just concerning the argument work ("work" ethicologically considered in Latin "tripalium": instrument of torture), just look closely in what state the WORK has put the planet just to be satisfied, that one is not even fucked up to manage all the stupid inventories and other absurd consequences like the nuclear one and recently the new technologies related to the development of the artificial intelligence without speaking about the health, social and economic sequelae on the 'human, destroying 1000 times more than creating really positive ... Just hear the word, pronounce the term or see it display AV feels nausea and will always prefer 100 times its opposite, unemployment included or "suck pebbles ".
So in this third part he manifests, among other things, his deep attachment to a social protection pulled up to finally develop a decent minimum income without constraint allowing to live properly in adequacy with the cost of the real life in everyday life, without having no more need of food activity at a discount, sometimes having to prostitute themselves morally and spiritually for a wage or income of misery. Thus we will definitely leave peace to people like him by letting them lead as they please the life they want to do what good motivates them truly with the founding motto: "do not do to others what you would not want that they make you "(tracks # 5 and # 6). Putting this fundamental question: "But what kind of society do we want to live in? A society based on voluntary servitude imposed by an economic and social dictatorship that humanly weakens us still more, putting the most vulnerable and the poor in competition with each other. among us (from political, climatic or economic refugees to unemployed and precarious Westerners), using them in turn as scapegoats ".
He obviously could not overshadow the last presidential election with the advent in all its splendor of the democratic imposture of the system of the Fifth Republic with the election of "E. Mc RON" (not E = MC2, but rather opposite...).
In short if there was in the second round a "zombie" in front of the "shrew", it was the "zombie" who would have won anyway!
As a result 60% abstention and elected with 25% of the population of which the third voted by default. Such a result deserves a lot of humility.
The height of the excitement is that since we re-advertise in the media at the TNT / TV and FM / Radio discount it is the legitimate choice of all French. What's more in the legislative, his party had the majority with only 13% of the population since once again there were also 2 thirds of abstainers ... HALLUCINANT !!!
After that we continue to call it DEMOCRACY ... MEDIOCRACY would be more appropriate as terminology. (tracks # 2)
Finally in this opus, Alain VALSECCHI wanted to illustrate his commitment and his compassion for the animal cause as a vegetarian for fifteen years, also highlighted in the latest R-EscapE-R ("SOS Animal"), with verbal quotations from activists or members of the L214 association (track # 7) to stop the consumption of meat whether terrestrial or marine. Just as denouncing (track # 8) the vast project unconscious, ignorant and therefore self-centered of our human species to destroy GAIA (Greek term to define our mother to all: the EARTH) by exploiting until the end all its mineral, vegetable and animals that may be present on the planet, we think, good insatiable predators, already for some time to start elsewhere in the universe ...



Attempt to exorcise an exponential growth of misanthropy…
FIRST ACT (from December 21st, 2015 till March 21st, 2016)!!!
(Voluntary and heretical Passages of volume in distortion)


PROJECT OPTIMAL (Aka the Optimen):
OPTIMAL project came from an artistic collaboration between Alain FRANCO TURRA VALSECCHI and songwriter from the Bolognese alternative scene of the early 80s. By going to the LINK section of the site, a link is established with his giving all the biographical and artistic information about it.
This collaboration is made from November 2012 to March 2013 with a composition of 10 tracks recorded in the studio FRANCO BOLOGNA. This project was focused on 10 sessions of 10 days over the five months that is to say one title per day. The challenge was daunting but m ^ th time for a sharp significant creativity never collaborated together before ... The result is also well above what he could imagine his departure.
This project became even more interesting. By this it is promised for a whole bunch of other reasons to change in the future with different versions will be in stages.
The first is setting mp3 listening now. A second will be proposed and a subsequent remix with lyrics on ALAIN VALSECCHI texts in French. Finally, a fourth totally different as it will be the training of "big band" with horn section and chorus types. This training, which will be called the Optimen certainly include 17 musicians and singers. For this, a cast ^ will be organized in order to perform concerts. Obviously the original studio versions of the songs will be completely overwhelmed in texture without the ^ be in their integrity, representing a huge challenge ...
Meanwhile, ALBERTO PIETROPOLI and RICCARDO LOLLI CENTRAL UNIT bring their collaborative project in all future releases. Including the need to incorporate in their next album a few pieces of VIF "madly Vivid" album title.
So project to follow ...

Projet OPTIMAL (aka the OPTIMEN) "Vivace - Sperdutamente - Vivace !"

(Vivid - Passionate - Vivid! 2nd version) Finally chosen as it should, promised! As it was announced in its first original version, was finally completed and then the continuation of the project. What was not simple in its finality ... That is to say that a misunderstanding came complicated its advent with clashes and anger arisen from a great misunderstanding between one side: the hard core of OPTIMAL (ASVALSECCHI / F.TURR) To the other and to the other, the members of the CENTER CENTER, the latter claim rights of composition on 6 titles (# 01 / # 03 / # 07 / # 08 / # 09 / # 10 ) of the 10 belonging to this second version. Argument totally refuted by A.S. VALSECCHI and F.TURRA believe that these titles have never been rearranged and remixed. Especially since the titles are those of the original version that have already been announced with SACEM in its first version. Previously was planned, thanks to an initiative of the members of the CENTRAL UNIT (Alberto PIETROPOLI, Enrico GIULIANI and Riccardo LOLLI), which would be published in vinyl format for 500 copies, from 7 titles with a cover of "What 'Use of the TUXEDOMMOON mixed by Roberto COSTA The problem arose when CENTRAL UNIT proposed to OPTIMAL (ASVALSECCHI and F.TURRA) Publish this disc under the name of UNIT CENTRALE feat Naturally very complicated to make respect this intention to OPTIMAL for the following reasons: 1 / it would have been more normal and especially that it be proposed in the following form: OPTIMAL feat. CENTRAL UNIT 2 / the titles, same in their second version, are faithful and recognizable to the originals 3 / accordingly, impossible for OPTIMAL 2 members can agree to change the titles! 2 parties are angry at the cause of the misinterpretation of members of the central unit of the project in its entirety as in its first version simply. Riccardo LOLLI, equivalent member of SACEM, the SIAE in ITALY! Finally, despite this sad situation A.S.VALSECCHI
decided to broadcast this version on the FMTSProductions website, because it would be a pity, given its quality and musical success, thanks to the technical and instrumental prowess of CENTRAL UNIT members and other musicians who participated in this event. production, it remains forever lost. Hoping that this will bring everyone to more serenity, wish good listening to all those who will give the opportunity ... Musically Yours.

INTERNATIONAL Dubbers * The "Stepping Out the Past", realization of the association of creative music Alain Olivier and Serge VALSECCHI Lormeau. The first concept / album reflecting their affinities they are artistic or spiritual. Including the most fundamental being that first recognize that the universe is born from the depths of space, even her asshole ...

**** SCSI (used to be defined by Olivier Lormeau) ... With the only comment from A. S. VALSECCHI: "Absolutely Sublime!".

***** Finally, the two masters listening and mp3 version ("From Mountrhythms Cosmicscapes To" and "TeKEscapE / Parallel Sound System Vol.1") on the other hand are only for the exploration of benefits djset. The second (TeKEscapE etc ...) with the ambition to make live by means of split 2 PA (Parallel Sound System) creating a hearing of a quality close to the 5.1 version or rave clubbing.
Other projects are coming up with hopefully an album of SIGN, as well as 4 new, including compositions for piano only, then with PURGE for achievements and transgressive performances sound and finally ALTROVE-based directory / tracks of "cosmic waves and ambient landscapes" in the near future according to our possibilities and opportunities for creation time. But all this depends of course many ways (financial surttout admittedly given the precarious situation of ours as a real structure in composition / production completely independent ...).

4 upcoming projects: Piano (compositions used in piano only), PURGE (sound performance and transgressions) Altrove (Ambient Waves for Cosmical Landscapes) and AUTONOMY (RItmik / Atmosferik FORCES).


Project TeKEscapE / Parallel Sound System
The project dragged me in mind for quite a number of years to sort of fill a gap in my desire to reconcile philosophical awareness and fun.
Specifically this project is primarily a combination of sound which I like musically while being projected in a festive environment.
I first asked this question: "but what could well satisfy me musically to dance with your feet on earth, and yet the spirit propelled full spiritual journey? ".
This reflection is the height in response to what is generally offered everywhere and too often stereotyped model copied without end because of a lack of imagination or willingness to flout conventional whole music production and flooding the consensual market over the last decade increasingly leveling down any possible changes or other engine of creativity.
As if all that was worth and now hardly anyone would have anything to offer. "In fact why do since we live in a perfect world, and therefore seek to challenge it, is not it? "
Besides an observation is to make as there is no new creation had any real musical or cultural movement that sought to bring this beautiful world and a little upset, at least since the advent of the drum ' n bass in the late 90's as real and final current innovative in the history of music from its origins to its evolution.
TeKEscapE / Parallel Sound System is not intended to disrupt this musical evolution but at least ask some questions and especially to continue to claim a total creative freedom in this project by mixing a variety of sounds and music that have the seventies to the 2000s, been faithful to this fundamental idea beyond the cultural modes or other charges of their eras.
I am looking for with this project, to make a living memorial dedicated to this essential freedom to create but also to fill the gap faced by an indefinable artist in this world as it is needed daily. Because this freedom is primarily a absolutely vital need to combat resignation and cultural conservatism, synonyms regression.
Specifically, TeKEscapE / Parallel Sound System also offers technical experience since the simultaneous release of two live productions mixed, each on their own amplification.
Hence the name of Parallel Sound System.
One for the dissemination of the rhythm part (techno / house beats) and one for which I call armosphérique (ambient / melody, lyrics), I called TeKEscapE ... All this allowing a definition sound different and more accentuated a conventional broadcast.
Finally, I found my inspiration from TeKEscapE, mixing just a repertoire ranging from the seventies to now. This accounted for nearly two years of work to get to build a repertoire of more than respectable 23 tracks now (listening the first two volumes available in mixed site download page).
I did not use programs or software (such as Traktor DJ) to mix but I used my own formula to scale using a Gemini CD console to maintain a more human than solely by technological computer. This allows me to keep more freedom of action even if the benefit to be realized in direct physical turns and calls for a concentration as much as any musician in concert. What adds more to the plan of the exhibition.
This provision, the sound mix is ??provided by a sound engineer to properly balanced the volumes of the parallel diffusion, and their equalization live according to your mood, intervene to send additional effects (pan, delay or other ...)
At this DJ set, lasting about 2 hours, is associated with a projection of moving images and sync with rhythmic and atmospheric music, each title selected among the 23 with its own video thus constituting a true "movie" . This film comes from a true original and artistic creation of a visual filmmaker. Creation that wants to be different from what is usually proposed is to say videos in digital design now habitual and repetitive or using montage of excerpts from films or documentaries on DVD ...
A projection of the internal intervene regularly fifteen questions about who register on the screen in the language of the country hosting and simultaneously in English for "aliens". Questions philosophical or satirical theme. For example: "we can evaluate the universal bullshit beyond his own level of stupidity? "Or" money is more important than the blood that flows in our veins? ".
Ultimately, the goal of TeKEscapE / Parallel Sound System is to provide the highest quality entertainment possible while offering those who will be present at his performance to "(to do) meet."
The first Live Set TeKEscapE / Parallel Sound System has the title and theme:
The project is made possible by collaborations RWSound (sound), ARTFROG (visual) and FMTSProductions (music).
TeKEscapE / Parallel Sound System is now on hold pending its first exhibition in a place yet to be defined in BOLOGNA this spring 2012 (the first big step towards a promotional audiovisual equipment necessary for exploration of future benefits and whose vision will be available on the internet).
March 5, 2012.



In quite potential philanthropists, sponsors or investors, respectful of the musical productions of From MINDRHYTHMS To SOUNDSCAPES, are invited to participate by subscription or even by ready in the obtaining of the 10350-euro total sum (estimate: 1750 euro of computer hardware and 8600 euro in instruments) necessary for the realization of an effective structure the main objective of which is Live one itinerant Act, to go to meet so an audience in public as soon as possible.

The 17/02/10.
Musically yours.
Alain (Serge) VALSECCHI founder of FMTSProductions.




Interview of Alain (Serge) VALSECCHI founder of FMTSprod by an anonymous Internet user in the pen name of Le Névachien.

*Le Névachien : Why this charter ?

- A.(S) V. :And indeed to establish more just and fair one relation, based on a mutual respect, enters the artist / creator (producer / composer / musician) and the public (Internet user / listener / amateur of novelty). But to inform especially and at the same time give responsibilities this audience navigating the painting to the creation and a certain musical production, as our, totally independent artistically from the current commercial speculation. To remind also the downloader, while giving to him the choice, that this creation came true not at all free of charge until its final outcome, that is at time(weather) and in used and spread means. When I speak about choice in our case still, I mean that we can download our works with a quality similar to a CD bought in the business and not via the format MP3 usually broadcasted on the painting.

*Le Névachien : That would blame you the MP3 ?

- A.(S) V. : For me the MP3 is only the obtaining of vulgar one copy in the discount but, recognize, have a practice for whom has little means that it is money and transport. Only here is this hearing support does not respect qualitatively the work made by the producer / composer in studio, because it alters strongly certain frequencies necessary for the dynamics looked for during the recording of the work. I am a part of the generation which already pirated in a sense on K7 vinyl records. I thus wanted to compare the result tuned to a commonplace Walkman with Ipod; striking!!! So much the quality is superior on K7 and in more with very old K7! To believe that at present we undergo a full qualitative regression with the technology proposed in the big business. It seemed to me as well as in the long run, certain frequencies emitted by these Ipod could be convenient to the deterioration of the hearing at any human being.

*Le Névachien : Can thus one assert of a certain will of authenticity and integrity to characterize From MINDRHYTHMS To SOUNDSCAPES productions ?

- A.(S) V. : According to my opinion, then that you ask to me for it, a real artist / creator whatever it is when it begins to express itself through a work, is necessary be or have no artistic compromise with whom or whatever it is. The honorable artist puts, sometimes and even often, months even years to reach his purpose and so that his labour is recognized or paid. And still if he is lucky, a lot of luck! Dilemma which even most of the employees and the bosses do not have to face. Because any work comes at once practically paid! Exactly, in our society settles really in a objectivize way the question? And what would look like it without artists or acrobats, as some like qualifying us? Even if the first one of the satisfactions of the artist is its own satisfaction, that is by spitting at the fact that can indeed think of the others, understood public! Supreme moment in suspension of total freedom!!! The real freedom at the very expensive price obviously, but the freedom based on the beautiful idea: to try not to make to the others it we would hate that they made us! Just to answer these numerous commercial gravediggers of the common musical world who are capable of selling some music before having made it. I want to speak about the one who floods and pollutes the waves radios and télévisives.

*Le Névachien : Exactly about freedom, which is your opinion on this famous French law, named HADOPI ,

- A.(S) V. : Of what I think of it? That it is only a nth repressive idiocy furthermore! Voted and decreed by people who support a system or take pleasure the other persons very known for the showbizz who do not even pay in more their taxes in FRANCE for the greater part, by blaming the mown Internet user who wants to offer itself of the pleasure in a world of an absurd bullshit ! Law so stupid as it is going only to make put off the possible dialogues, thanks to this tool that is internet, commercial and ethical who could build up himself between the artists and the public!!! In fact Internet, can be a formidable tool, on the condition of using it in a lucid and logical way. It is an instrument which allows it can already belong concretely in direct contact of producer to consumer and of it has an exchange quality / price healthier and so to be able to develop and pass on the real values, mixing it quite the tastes and the choice of each, basing itself on a mutual, simple and fair respect. With the system of the participative subscription and the free offer, what is suggested by FMTSprod a direct profitable participation of the public to the artist, without passing by the other superfluous or dishonest intermediaries! To conclude the argument; why to have given then the possibility of acquisition, within the reach of whoever, of the computer hardware allowing this so-called piracy on Web? Naturally now it is good late to act indeed! Nevertheless, in due course, it was enough to authorize only the professional followers of the sector to have the law of its use! No all this with this law, are that of pitiful excessive retaliations, added to the other numerous hypocrisies maintained by the traders and the decision-makers of our always more dismaying society!!!

- (Realized comments 07août 2009).




From 1 September (09.01.11), the concepts / masters of the INTERNATIONAL Dubbers (Stepping Out the Past), the Fraval WellWisher (Too Weird To Live - Too Rare To Die To Create and Resist - resist to Create) R-Escape-R (Chapter One) and SCSI (Welcome Ariege) will be available only for download FLAC PAYPAL (5 euros / master), as well as bonus tracks (0.50 euro / track). Only two masters ("From Mountrhythms Cosmicscapes To" and "TeKEscapE / Parallel Sound System Vol.1") for the exploration of gigs / djset, will be directly and free version of mp3. "




Very Special THANKS "Bisous et Remerciements Infinis" for Her IMPORTANT SUPPORT to LULU "the Plastic Bag QUEEN" IMBERT !




"From MINDRHYTHMS To SOUNDSCAPES Productions inform all the availability of the download (FLAC version still on the same site) of the second album, which will be called "CREATION en RESISTANCE - RESISTANCE en CREATION" (concept/album of 11 tracks ) of FRAVAL The WellWisher current planned for spring 2011".





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