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Biography of Alain (Serge) VALSECCHI

A self-educated artist, musician/composer, born one month approx. after the death of Boris Vian, Alain (Serge) VALSECCHI) started performing on stage when he was a teen. It was also the original days of the PUNK movement ! That will naturally lead to the band VENDREDI 13 with the New Wave era. In the middle of the 80's at the end of a vagrant European tour, he settles in BOLOGNA, ITALY, where he will play for 4 years as the drummer of MEDFLY INVASION (continuation of JOHNNY and the BARBADOS). In the same time, he is a radio DJ and roadie (light manager for tours, concerts). At the end of the decade, he creates with his colleague and friend, Dayle (Russel) DAVENPORT, a British backliner, an electronic duo named DAAD. Then, during the 90's, he starts a collaboration within LOST LEGION ALIEN COLLECTIVE (TECHNOGOD/OHMEGA TRIBE) to achieve his first solo production under the pseudonym R-ESCAPE-R. The album will be released and distributed in 20 countries at least. In parallel, Alain (Serge) VALSECCHI takes part in various productions: with Olivier LORMEAU (AOBBOA/The INTERNATIONAL DUBBERS), IRMA Records (OHM GURU) or LELEGAUDI (DUB ALCHEMIST), etc... He also plays as a DJ throughout Europe. Today, as the founder "From MINDRHYTHMS To SOUNDSCAPES Productions", he is entirely devoted to the latter designed for original and independant creations, the online diffusion being the main objective based on an ethical and mutual respect between the creator and the listener, symbolized by a charter.

Biography of Olivier LORMEAU

Son of the flowers power, Olivier was born in the first days of the 70's. His childhood was one of the hippies inheritance moving from places to places always back to the nature. Despite an original childhood, Olivier chooses a safety life, through electronics studies, and becomes sedentary in Marseille. Excellent pianist and keyboard, in 1993 he discovers new creative passions as he met Alain Serge Valsecchi. At this point, they start an interesting and productive collaboration under the name SIGN, now The INTERNATIONAL DUBBERS, leading to the creation of AOBBOA, including Bruno Martin too, Aka GOATARI (DJ of MASSILIA SOUND SYSTEM). Bruno and Olivier will produce the stunning album BIENVENUE EN ARIEGE, with the name SCSI. In 1998 he made the music on a JAGDISH Album and he played on stage for it. In 2003, he collaborates with PAPET J. (Aka Jali of MASSILIA SOUND SYSTEM), co-writing the Album PAPET-J.Com. He's now an independant composer and collaborator within From MINDRHYTHM To SOUNDSCAPES (The INTERNATIONALS DUBBERS/FRAVAL the WellWisher/SCSI and Sign). So Creations, Colloborations and productions to be continued...


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