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Article 1 :

From MINDRHYTHMS To SOUNDSCAPES Productions guarantees a creation which is original and independent from any speculation and compromise, such as the marketing of the works production proposed on its site.

Article 2 :

FMTSProd. proposes to any Net surfer the choice to download its works without any charge or to do it as a subscriber, thanks to the free offer, whatever the sum. (This article is no longer valid as of 1 September 2011, see information page NEWS)

Article 3 :

FMTSProd. undertakes to provide, through to its internet site, a downloading of optimal quality, i.e. different and better than the mp3 format. All the downloadable files are in the FLAC format (Free Lossless Audio Codec).

Article 4 :

FMTSProd. wishes, via its site, to establish an ethical ratio and a fair relation between its members and the audience, based on a mutual respect thanks to permanent information and dialogue.

Article 5 :

All FMTSProd achievements cannot be used, reproduced or remixed (either as a sound support at any public demonstration or for policies religious and sport, media, advertizing and audio-visual purposes), without any prior approval of the composer, producer and author of the work to be exploited.

Article 6 :

FMTSprod. ensures hereby, with this charter, that any work proposed on its site had been registered beforehand to the related organization. For example, SACEM in FRANCE.

Article 7 :

Refering to the previous article (article 6), FMTSProd. maintains a legal trustworthy relationship with the SACEM in order to ensure the protection of the works and the rights of the French members.


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