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offer purchassed music in FLAC Format [F.L.A.C.] (Free Lossless Audio Codec).

FLAC format is longer to download than the mp3, but its quality is exactly the same as Audio CD

You are invited to browse this website to discover the current catalog of our various musical productions.

Through the charter you will understand our philosophy.

Thus, any NetSurfer by his patience with downloading

will be satisfied by the listening.

"Musicalement Vôtre".


Given the total failure to have seen fit to trust the entire Internet audience, which for 2 years (since the site officially exists) has a free download all the works cataloged and available without ever having contributed least to the proposed offering free (most perhaps thinking that all these productions were performed by Operation of the Holy Spirit ...) decided to take the wise decision, directing all interested, versun payment by PAYPAL for this purpose forthe small fee of 5 euros for each concept / master for download and the 50 cents for each bonus track. With this we are launching at all the free riders free download of enjoy it now and then throughout the month of August ... For others, we believe that we have their full support and understanding on this very reasonable decision that is primarily a matter of respect but also of survival in the context of our continuity and creative producer.

Alain (Serge) VALSECCHI

(Founder of From MINDRHYTHMS To SOUNDSCAPES Productions)



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